Lance Olsen
Edges: An Audio Portrait

The raw tracks for this current work were gathered over a few nights around the Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I was interested in the sounds that were coming in toward the harbour from the water. The history of the harbour also interested me-- are the sounds from that magnificent wooden yacht that passed by in 1922 still here? Is the party still going on? What’s going on in the Coast Guard ship? What is that motor? Wow! That’s quite a storm.

With minimum editing and interference I have tried to present an aural experience of the harbour both then and now. The work is designed for careful listening through headphones and is deliberately low key.

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we007 - Lance Olsen - Edges: An Audio Portrait (62.1 MB)

Download Tracks:

Track 01 - Edges 1 (3.49 MB)
Track 02 - Edges 2 (6.37 MB)
Track 03 - Edges 3 (24.4 MB)
Track 04 - Edges 4 (6.52 MB)
Track 05 - Edges 5 (4.97 MB)
Track 06 - Edges 6 (5.35 MB)
Track 07 - Edges 7 (5.46 MB)
Track 08 - Edges 8 (5.46 MB)

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