Ascsoms - Realms

A Small Ceremonial Soaking Of Moving Sounds

London based audio artist Adam J Wimbush primarily works with processed field recordings, electronics and acoustic elements. His compositions are assembled from the results of numerous improvised and manipulated sonic experiments. From these, detailed extracts are chosen, and then the individual segments undergo further modification, before being edited together into a single aural environment. In keeping with his musical philosophy the master files known as ‘Sound Shadows’ become stimuli for further productions. A ‘mobius loop’ where sounds are persuaded to morph with manipulated clones of themselves or sounds generated years earlier, so in a sense they become shadows or echoes of themselves, eclipsing and orbiting each other in a re-evolving sound world. At certain stages of this process he releases this material under his solo sound project Ascsoms.

All sounds recorded, manipulated, looped and treated by Ascsoms 2007/8

Download Full Album:

we008 - Ascsoms - Realms (35.4 MB)

Download Tracks:

Track 01 - Realm A (Rococo) (7.70 MB)
Boat / boat masts / voice / rain / canal side (winter) / unidentified field recording

Track 02 - Realm B (Under the re-plosion) (6.17 MB)
Amplified room ambience / canal side (winter) / fire works / fridge / unidentified field recording

Track 03 - Realm C (The Permeated Anomaly) (7.67 MB)
Outside field recording: Flies & Birds / stealth street recording / canal side (winter)

Track 04 - Realm D (In Loquaciousness Lay Insanity) (14.1 MB)
Canal side (winter) / cat / Amplified room ambience / fan heater / birds / harmonica

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