Scott Sherk - Icelandic Air

Scott Sherk spent a month collecting sounds in and around Reykjavik, Iceland as part of a SIMS residency. Iceland’s dramatic landscape of severe, gray extremes affects the sounds that resonate in the crystal-clear air. The twelve recordings that comprise the suite “icelandic air” attempt to capture the various spaces and sonic environments of Iceland from the crunch of volcanic beach pebbles to the windblown fields of sheep to the cement interior of a cathedral. All sounds were recorded in the field and subsequently edited and lightly processed.

Download Full Album:

we009 - Scott Sherk - Icelandic Air (36.3 MB)

Download Tracks:

Track 01 - at the glacier (1.36 MB)
Track 02 - church (3.58 MB)
Track 03 - parade (3.43 MB)
Track 04 - harbor harmonic (1.94 MB)
Track 05 - icelandic surf (2.90 MB)
Track 06 - thors woods (4.33 MB)
Track 07 - sheep (3.08 MB)
Track 08 - old harbor (3.54 MB)
Track 09 - sunday walk (2.04 MB)
Track 10 - videy island (10.7 MB)
Track 11 - waterfall (2.47 MB)
Track 12 - surf reprise (3.29 MB)

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